polygon Who’s behind this?

12 Pentagons was founded by ball designer, Jon-Paul Wheatley (@jonpaulsballs across the internet).

polygon I’d like to collaborate on a ball. How does that work?

We are open to exploring potential collaborations with artists, brands (sports & fashion), and pro footballers. If that describes you and you’re interested in working with us to design and make a unique limited edition ball, get in touch.

polygon When will the first ball be available?

Q2 2023

polygon How many balls will be available?

There are 1,000 balls in each limited edition collection. No extra balls of the same design will ever be made. When they sell out, they are gone.

polygon What’s the deal with the name “12 Pentagons”?

12 pentagons, when attached edge to edge, come together to make a ball. It’s one of the most basic and pure ways to make a ball. It’s also a hidden pattern you will see again and again in ball constructions. The name is a reference to that.